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In een aantal landen zijn lokale inbelnummers beschikbaar. Vanuit deze landen hoeft dus geen internationaal toegangsnummer te worden gebeld. Vanuit de overige landen kunt u bellen naar het Nederlandse toegangsnummer onderaan in de lijst. Houdt u er rekening mee dat een vergadering alleen kan worden gestart door iemand die vanuit Nederland inbelt naar 0900-1970.
Duitsland: +49 180 5000 184
Frankrijk: +33 975 187 303
Verenigde Staten +1 347 3528 834
Spanje: +34 518 889 775
Zwitserland: +41 84 8560 196
Overige landen: +31 50 2101 970
No. You can use EasyConference anytime, without making a reservation.
Only the actual use of EasyConference is charged. The charges are billed by your mobile or fixed operator. You will find these charges on your bill under premium rate services. The rate is € 0,15 per attendee / per minute (€ 0,126 excl. VAT). People who attend from abroad pay a fee that depends on the country they are dialing in from. No hidden charges, no reservation fees.
For most telephone switchboards (PBX's) this is possible. This is how it works. First you call your guest and welcome him. Second you dial +31(0)900-1970 and start (or join) the meeting. Then you transfer your guest to EasyConference. For more information see the instructions of your PBX/phone. You can repeat this procedure to connect more attendees to your meeting.
No. Your meeting may last as long as you like.
Technically the amount of attendees is unlimited. For larger meetings it is sensible to agree on certain rules, i.e. only one participant speaks at a time and states his name before starting to talk.
No. Only people who enter the agreed conference access code can enter your meeting. For this reason it is important not to use codes like 0000 or 1234. EasyConference recommends that you use at least a four digit code. You are free to use longer codes. The creation of your code is your own responsibility as well as sharing it with other people.
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You can set-up your conference call by inviting your participants yourself. It is also possible to use our planning tool. All participants will receive an email with all detailed information.


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Useful tips

You can choose to use our planning tool our invite all participants by yourself. To use Easyconference you have to create your own code by yourself. You have to share this code with all participants. It is also possible to use or planning tool and generate a code. Beside the code you must inform all participants about the date and time the conference call will take place.
If you are using the Easyconference planning tool you can add your meeting directly in your Outlook or Google agenda. After using the invitation tool you ll receive a confirmation e-mail including a calendar item.
If you ll use our planning tool all participants will receive an email with details and instructions in Dutch and English.