Conference call etiquette

There are unwritten rules for every conference call that includes more than two participants. We would like to share with you some tips and tricks to allow you to have a pleasant experience during your conference call.

Quiet Environment

Before you start your conference call, find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed by background noise during the entire conference call. If such a place is not available you can always use the mute button on your phone or device to avoid disturbing the other participants. When it is your turn to talk, don’t forget to unmute your phone.

Use appropriate equipment

  • Although it is possible to use EasyConference with cell phones (or any other kind of phone), when available please use a fixed phone with a good headset. Please test that you are able to reach 0900-1970 with your phone before the conference call starts
  • Cell phones and other wireless devices are more sensitive to background noise and other disturbing sounds
  • Speakerphones can cause background noise or unwanted silence. Please use the mute button when there is no-one talking. This prevents background noise disturbing the conference call

Be on time

If you are organizing the conference call, it is important that you join the conference call on time. You should dial in a couple of minutes before the conference call starts to welcome all the participants. Your presence will ensure that there will not be any inappropriate discussion before the conference call starts.

Introduction round

As initiator of the conference call, please encourage an introduction round. This way everyone will know who is participating in the conference call, and will be able to identify the participants by voice.

It is important to have an attentive chairperson

Do not expect all the participants to have the same pro-active approach in the conference call. Some participants are more pro-active, contributing with good ideas, while others are more passive. As chairperson of the conference call, it is your role to encourage all the participants to contribute to the topic.

Introduce yourself before you start talking

It is possible that other participants do not recognize your voice, so introduce yourself before you start talking.

Stick to the planned duration

Stick to the planned duration of the conference call and respect the time of other participants.

Don’t put your phone on hold!

If you put your phone on hold or if you pick up a second line on your phone, many phones or networks will automatically play hold music that will be heard by all the other participants until you return. If you have to step away, leave the conference call and dial back in when you’re free again, or use the mute function on your phone if you don’t want to leave but have to go away for a short period of time.

Make it clear when the conference call has finished

As chairperson of the conference call, let all the participants know when the conference call has formally finished. Stay on the line until all the participants have left.


Choose a code

and share it with
all participants


Dial 0900-1970

€ 0,15 per minute
+ connection fee of 4,5 cents


Enter the code

it's as easy as that,
enjoy your conference